The Kotzow forest estate is located in the administrative district of Müritz at the southernmost tip of the Müritz Lake, directly on the old historical border between the Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and the Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. In the east, it directly borders on the western shores of the large and small Kotzow Lake near the Müritz National Park.

Starting at the time of Emperor William I. and throughout the wars to the Soviet occupation, the period of the East Zone, and the reunification, the district served as a buffer area of the Rechlin Air Force test site, until it was acquired by our family from the Federal Property Management Agency in 1999. Departing military units of the Soviet Union provided the district with its first well-ordered ownership structure and cleared the way for proper forestry.

Initially, the most pressing task was to clear cultivation backlogs and carry out simple clearing-up operations in the forest. Upon creation of a controlled cadastral ownership structure and a complete recompilation of the forest inventory (Forest Management Planning 2006), the ownership of the Kotzow district was handed over to the up-and-coming family generation in 2007.

With a current area of close to 260ha and an average felling of 1300 cubic-m (fm) solid measure of timber per year, the district is an integral part of our forestry activities in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.
We produce a vast range of timber products, supplying regional and national buyers in the wood industry.

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The administrative management of our Kotzow estate is handled on our family estate in Wolfskuhlenhof with the help of a forest manager, while our products are marketed via our forestry association, Forstbetriebsgemeinschaft Morizaner w.V.

Our local contact person for queries relating to our products
Dipl. Forst Ing.(FH) Dierk Meyer
Mobil: 0162/7208863

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