The history of the von Loë family begins with its first mention in a document dating as far back as the 12th century as Crampe von Sykenbecke hailing from the Westphalian town of Marl (the horseshoe-shaped Crampe hoop is depicted on the family coat of arms).
As owners of the local Loe Castle with today's remnants of the Loe mill, the family decided in the 13th century to adopt von Loë as its name and in 1461 established the roots of its ancestral seat in Wissen Castle near Weeze on the Lower Rhine.
In 1629, the family advanced to Baronial status by order of the Emperor. From Wissen Castle, the von Loë family branched out in various directions owning a number of estates on the Lower Rhine.
From the life experience of the family and its descendants as well as large parts of its kinsfolk developed a special character of care and concern for the common weal, the Catholic and Protestant churches, the military and administrative services, and the job outline of agricultural and forestry workers in responsible positions on their family estates.
For many generations now, we have given particular attention to the responsible enjoyment and active stewardship of nature.

Jan Adolph Baron von Loë 1707
Canon in Hildesheim
after an oil portrait in the Wolfskuhlen Archives

Felix Baron von Loë 1882
Founder of the Rhenish Farmers' Union (predecessor of today's Agricultural Association)
after an oil portrait in the Wolfskuhlen Archives

The "Wolfskuhlen" estate came to the von Loë family from a direct line of relatives in the families due Monceau (Jan-Baptiste Comte Due Monceau, General in Napoleon's army) and...
...Baron von Büllingen-Wevelinghofen
(Honorary Mayor of Budberg).
As heiress to Carl Baron von Büllingen-Wevelinghofen and his Belgian wife Eugenie Comtes Du Monceau, their daughter Emilie, married to Rudolf Baron von Loë from the Wissen line of "Terporten", continued to manage the Wolfskuhlen estate.
In the confusion of the "Third Reich", she served the Catholic church by giving refuge to various clergy persecuted by the regime at her ancestral seat.
"Wolfskuhlen Castle"
opposite the integrated ...

...Wolfskuhlenhof ®