03/10/2009 , 7.00 p.m.

"Russian Impression at the Lower Rhine Area"
A chamber-concert by Andreas Fröhlich (Piano) former
Concert-Master Vienna Philharmonika Orchester and
Prof. Alexander Hülshoff (violon cello) - Folkwang Music-University,
with music from Sergije Prokofieff combined by an exhibition
on Landscaping-Hunting-Paintings by Dimitri Prokofieff
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21/11/2009 , 7.00 p.m.

Trompe de Chasse Concert "bien aller" french Huntingmusic
"pique" by a special French-Parforcehorn-Group under
Musicdirektor Gerd Offer
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until now

Rent-Possibility for "Small-Fishing" on our 6 ha lake near
Wolfskuhlenhof .
Interests please contact info@wolfskuhlenhof.de
Gameshooters pay Attention

For the main shootingseaeon on fallow-deer there are still
places free for the shootingseason during october.
Additional places are free for the Shooting-Party on Deers
and Wildboar during december.
Gentleman-Interests please contact info@wolfskuhlenhof.de