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Freiherrlich von Loë'sche Verwaltung
- Wolfskuhlenhof -
Wolfskuhlenallee 77
D- 47495 Rheinberg
Tel.: +49(0)2843-860082
Fax.: +49(0)2843-860092
Tax ID no. NRW: 119/5921/0550
Tax ID no. MVP : 075/299711631

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Directions to Wolfskuhlenhof:

On A 42 (Dortmund/Kamp-Lintfort)
Moers Nord exit (2)
Towards Rheinberg
1st traffic light junction (Reitweg)
after approx. 2km turn left (Hoher Weg)
2nd street turn left (Vierbaumer Weg)
1st street turn right (Wolfskuhlenallee)
After approx. 200m, the Freiherrlich von Loë'sche Verwaltung is on the right.

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