Managing the forests on our Wolfskuhlenhof estate effectively and with a view to sustainability continues to be an extremely challenging undertaking due to their specific location and its historical circumstances on the fringes of the Ruhr area.
To this day, keeping a balanced age structure in our relatively small structured forest land (approx. 30ha) to ensure sustainability proves difficult in the aftermath of random fellings during the war to meet the requirement of firewood and due to shell splinters as well as natural and environmental damage (wind breakage and damage due to pollution).

Sustainability has been a tradition practiced for many generations in our family in the management and cultivation of our estate in harmony with nature. For us it is more than a newfangled trend.
Consequently, we endeavour to promote and maintain forest growth, our forest areas and their effective cultivation with a view to sustainability. The aim of our principles at Wolfskuhlen is first and foremost to care for and maintain forest land and young trees, and thus to meet the local demand for small dimensioned wood and different types of firewood.
Throughout the year, we take great pains to ensure that we are in a position to provide you with oven-dry wood for open fires from our Wolfskuhlenhof.
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Our reliable and competent contact personnel on our Wolfskuhlen estate will be happy to answer your questions on contractual nature conservation (e.g. compensatory measures under the Federal Building Code) or other ideas of restoring the natural balance such as:

CO2-neutral policies
 Forest shares
 Maintenance and conservation of hedges and nature
 Replacement reforestation areas

We will make the necessary arrangements for you with the competent Untere Landschaftsbehörde (Lower Landscape Authority - Wesel district) and offer a number of compensation commitments.
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At the same time, we hope to increase our forest holding at the Wolfskuhlen development area on the Lower Rhine.

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