Our places of our business are not only a traditional habitat but also in parts an area of peace and retreat for our local wildlife.

We consider game shooting applied nature conservation by harmonising our business services to take into account the mutual dependence and indivisibility of man, nature and wildlife, since we all live with and of each other.

We consider game shooting the personal responsibility and motivation of property owners and beneficiaries as a guarantor for effective use for the preservation of wildlife in nature.

We consider game shooting a responsible and beneficial activity carried out with respect for the creation.

We consider game shooting, along with proper cultivation and stewardship, through pursuit, shooting and appropriation of game, as a factor contributing to the preservation of a diverse and healthy stock of game in the rural and cultural conditions of this country.

If you are game shooter and are interested in individual shooting parties of hoofed game (red, fallow or roe deer or wild boar) in our districts in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, please contact us.
On prior agreement, you can also purchase local game meat from us. Or we can arrange a local inspection of our district with you, either individually or in a group.
Contact us or our gamekeeper Mr. Prokein for more information.